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4PAWS. Inc.is focused on providing high-quality care for your pets and your home.  We are family owned and operated and have proudly served the Fox Valley area for over twelve years.  We are highly recommended from local vets and most importantly, our clients.  We love what we do, and it shows!  Whether you are on vacation or working endless hours - keeping your pets safe, happy and healthy at home is crucial.  4PAWS allows you to do that.  When you can't be there - we will!  We'll provide the same loving care you would.  Your pets are part of your family, we treat them as part of ours.  Rest assure, the same person will be caring for your pet at every visit.  We feel building a relationship with the pets and owners is crucial!  We do not visit with a painted car or with magnets indicating we are pet sitters as that only advertises that your house is unoccupied.  We pride ourselves on keeping your pets and house safe while you are away. We are bonded/insured and have plenty of referencesFeel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

4PAWS in the news:

St. Charles dog walker battles frigid temperatures

Susan Miller, owner of 4 Paws Inc. in South Elgin, talks about how the cold affects her business as a dog walker and pet sitter.

Read the complete article at http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20150219/news/150218593/

If you are planning on getting a new best friend or considering expanding your pet family, please consider adopting.  These links will help you get started http://www.petfinder.com or Illinoisbirddogrescue.org. 
Susan took care of our 2 dogs while we were away for a week. Dexter is a big dog who is a jumper and has a special diet and medication needs, Susan had no problems with any of that. Dexter instantly took a liking to Susan and we knew she would be a great fit! Our pets were well taken care of and I didn't have to worry about a thing. We are relieved to know that when we go out of town, our babies are well taken care of!
- Chris, Ces, Dexter & Sookie
The fact that the same person is visiting my home and pets is very important to me. I like the fact that building a relationship with my dog is important to them as well.
- The Shall family, Elgin
Whether we leave on vacation or gone at work, we know our pets our in good hands.
-The Johnstons, South Elgin
I think my house is cleaner when I return from vacation then it was when I left :) The extra care given to my pets and my house is really appreciated!!
-The Sullivans, St. Charles
My four year old told his grandparents that Aunt Susan was going to take care of Kiska when we are away :)  See....you ARE part of the family!!
- The Larsens, Elgin
Susan has gone above and beyond what I would expect from a pet sitter.  She is more like a family friend.
- The Kurtz family, South Elgin
We don't get to travel very much with four kids, but when we do, we only trust 4PAWS to care for our "fifth kid".
- The Spechts
We  have been using 4Paws for over 10 years, I wouldn't trust anyone else with my furry kids!
- The Hansens, St. Charles
I love when Susan comes through the door.  I grab my frisbee and out we go!!  Once she leaves, I'm tired enough to nap until mom and dad get home from work.
- Murphy, 1 year old golden retriever, South  Elgin
Whether it's taking Niko on a walk or letting me in my house that I constantly lock myself out of, I can always count on Susan.
-  Debbie and Niko, Elgin
4PAWShas taken care of my cats for about 6 years.  I wouldn't leave town without knowing they were receiving exceptional care.
- The Thomas Family, Cleo and Smooshy, South Elgin
I couldn't ask for better a pet sitter!!! I don't even mind when mom travels for work!!
- Riley, black lab

4PAWS allowed us to get a new puppy even with the long hours we work. We worked as a team to get him trained in no time.  It was great!
- The Mead Family, Elgin
Unbelievable! I never used a pet sitter before.  My dog was soooo happy when I got home from vacation.
- Mary, South Elgin
Susan really saved us when my husband was rushed to the hospital.  Thanks for everything you do for us!!!!!
- John, Tammy, Chops and TT (Twinkle Toes), St. Charles
My Mom and Dad go to this place called "work". I miss them and I don't like being alone. The best part of the day is when Miss Susan comes and rescues me from the Kennel. I get to go for a walk and we play a little bit. If I'm a real good dog, I get a treat. (Sometimes even when I'm not so good) I like Miss Susan.
- Beemer, 12 year old dachshund, South Elgin
My pups were happy and content when we came home for vacation.  What else can I ask for?? Little Muppet usually destroys something.....not this time!  THANK YOU!!!
- Melissa, Mark, Miley and Muppet, St. Charles
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